Remove Dirt, Dust and Grime From Your Engine Compartment

Arrange for professional engine degreasing & detailing services in Midwest City, Oklahoma City & Del City, OK

Do you end up with black grease on your hands every time you open the hood? Dirt from the road can enter your engine compartment, building up a thick layer of grime over time. Engine degreasing is a simple solution to keep everything clean and pristine under the hood. For convenient, mobile car engine detailing, rely on the experts at 1st Class Custom Detailing in Midwest City, Oklahoma City & Del City, OK.

We'll carefully clean the entire engine and its components, making sure to dry all the parts completely. We use pressure washers and rags to power through tough grease with ease.

Call today to learn more about our engine degreasing services.

Why is engine detailing important?

Many car owners never consider cleaning parts under their hood. But washing your engine at least once a year has plenty of important benefits. Schedule our car engine detailing services to:

  • Spot leaks and issues more easily
  • Improve the resale value of our car
  • Slow down typical engine wear and tear

Plastic or rubber parts under your hood can break down from highly acidic oils, leading to expensive repairs. If you haven't cleaned your engine in years, reach out to us right away for an affordable degreasing service.